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At Compassionate Wellness Center, we offer comprehensive individualized treatment plans for eligible patients. We provide varying combinations of effective mental health treatments and medication-assisted treatments (MAT) for patients with mental health and addiction disorders.

Our multidisciplinary services include palliative care, mental health and substance abuse counseling/therapy, medication-assisted treatments (MAT) for addiction disorders, medication management, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program/case management (PRP). CWC uses safe and effective medication management protocols. CWC also offers Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Recovery focuses on spirituality. A pastor facilitates the group and serves to enhance the spiritual knowledge of participants. We service clients ages five and up residing in the Washington County, Maryland Area.


  • Medication Management: Our goal is to optimize each person’s health and recovery through appropriate medication management. Licensed practitioners work with clients and caregivers to create detailed individualized profiles resulting in positive clinical outcomes.

  • Celebrate Recovery: Celebrate Recovery at Compassionate Wellness Center sets out to empower its participants to deal with an array of target needs they may have. CR targets individual needs that include but not exclusive to co-dependency, compulsive behaviors, sex addiction, financial dysfunction drug and alcohol addictions, high anxiety, and eating disorders. Celebrate recovery meets every Thursday between 10:00am-12:00noon at 44 N. Potomac Street Suite 101, Hagerstown MD 21740. No prior registration is required and all admissions are free!
  • Mental Therapy: Licensed mental health therapists offer clinically approved treatments to children and adults with mental health needs. Services are offered individually or in group settings within the facility or in the community.
  • Substance abuse and addiction counseling: Licensed and certified alcohol and drug counselors provide services to clients struggling with substance use and addiction disorders. Counselors create an individualized path to recovery by meeting clients in the office and community. Therapy or counseling sessions are provided individual or in a group setting.

    Compassionate Wellness Center offers patient-centered services in an outpatient setting. Services are offered in the morings, afternoons and evenings Mondays through Fridays. Our hours are set in consideration to life needs and obligations such as school and work. We utilize evidence-Based Practices including: patient-centered counseling, cognitive behavioral counseling, motivational interviewing, and problem- solving strategies. The goal of our outpatient program is to reduce substance abuse and mental health issues. Compassionate Wellness Center aims to increase each patient’s chance of a successful recovery by improving in their recovery skills, relapse prevention skills and emotional coping skills which also impacts increase self-worth. 

    • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Case Management: Compassionate Wellness Center provides case management services to clients age five and above. In order to receive PRP, a patient must be: an active medical assistance participant, referred by a licensed mental health provider, and have a qualifying mental health diagnosis. PRP services can be offered independently or in conjunction with the other services. CWC offers PRP services in the offices or community based on each client’s individual needs.

    • Palliative Care: A qualified and expert pain management medical doctor offers palliative care at CWC. Chronic pain can be the result of an injury, genetics, or a health condition. Our doctor helps each client manage their pain so he or she can function and enjoy life.



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    Address: 44 North Potomac Street Ste. 101 & 102

    Hagerstown, MD 21740



    In the event of an emergency please dial 911 and /or contact your local police department. If you have any questions/concerns about our services after hours kindly contact us at: Please include your full name and contact information along with your enquiry and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours with a response. Thank you!

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